Temp assistance

There may be many good reasons to hire staff on a temporary basis. This may be necessitated by circumstances like illness, maternity leave, other types of leave, extra busy periods, or if an order needs to be finished on time. Whether your company needs an Xtra good hand for a short or a longer period of time, or you wish to assess an employee before deciding on a permanent employment, we can assist you in both cases.

With a strong and flexible staffing solution from Xterna, you can avoid wasted time and the unnecessary hassle of hiring and firing employees by up- or downgrading your staff. Xterna has a team of highly motivated and competent temps who are ready to step in and cooperate on an equal footing with the rest of your staff. All of our temps go through an extensive interview, industry-specific competency tests and – if requested – personality profiling. We obtain a minimum of two references for all our employees and we always ensure that they have a clean criminal record.

We take care of all the practical details concerning employment, wages and social costs, and we will make sure that you are provided with the right employee with the right skills and the right attitude. If you would like to hear more about our temporary employment services, please contact us or get one of our employees to call you.